Vipasyana Kendra

Vipasyana mean seeing inside one’s own self. This unique method was developed by Bhagwan Buddha. Through this meditation practice, one can know about self, what is going on inside the body as well as in mind? This method of meditation given a person tremendous control ever body & mind. With this meditation, Lord Buddha used to roam through out whole world and deep into the space. He gained knowledge of not only self but the whole universe. Lord Buddha taught-us how to remain in peace and harmony. How we can make our life better, How to reduce sorrow and stress in the life. How to feel happiness and spread it throughout the whole world. Live and let live is the motto of Buddhism. Load Buddha never claimed that he is a Godly figure. He reached to the hight of knowledge & became Buddh. He gave us middle path of life to enable us live life better than ever. He is the first one to say that nothing in this world or universe is permanent, everything is changing every movement, and every action has a reaction. Whatever we do physically, mentally or verbally has its effect and no one can escape There is a reason behind every think, every happening, from its results. Change is called “Pratatya Sumutpad” that mean nothing happened in this world without any cause or reason. To reduce sorrow, one has to reduce greed and limitless desire.

Vipasyana is the way to see inside “Man” or mind or Buddhi. Everyone is controlled by “Man”. You can do whatever you like, you can reach any height but for that you have to prepare yourself, you have to prove your mantel. You can gain control over “Man”. Everything in this universe is dependent on others. Everyone has the right to live his life. Everything is moving and nothing is stable. Life is a complex term. Life dependent upon ones action or deed.

In Anathpindak Vipasyana Kendra, even one irrespective of any caste, creed, religion or financial status can participate without any charge.  Vipasyana course is of 10 days a month.

Buddhist are requested to help, co-operate and give direction in whatever way they want, to spread  Buddhism in the land of Buddha.

Come  and join  the team of Buddhist and Ambederists.


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