Abhiprerna Trust

A trust in the name of “Abhiprerna Trust” is formed by Smt. Sheela Devi a Buddhist and Dharmpatni of Veer Singh Kundhiwal an ardent follower of “Maitreya Buddh Bheem”. Whatever is the earning of “Manav Jagat Partisthan” goes to Abhiprerna trust-for propagation of Buddhism. Abhiprerna Trust has established THREE Buddh Vihars, namely Shanti Buddh Vihar at Janak Nagar and Jetvan Anathpindak Buddh Vihar at Siddharth Nagar Vill. Nagal Mafi,and Sheebi Buddha Vihar at Jatav Nagar,   Dist Saharanpur (UP) India.

Two Schools are also founded, one namely Ram Rati Devi English Medium Junior High School at Jatav Nagar, a Slum Area And another at Siddharth Nagar, Nagal Mafi, Tehsil Behat, both are in Distt Saharanpur (UP) 247001 India. In Ram Rati Devi Public School at Jatav Nagar, slum students are given absolutely free education.

Buddh Vihar Jetvan Anathpindak and  Vipasyana Kendra are  being established at Siddharth Nagar, Nagal Mafi, Tehsil Behat- Distt Saharanpur, It is water scarcecity  (Ghat Area), having population of about 10000 peoples. Per capita income of an average person is about 2000/- per month. There is not much scope for livelihood because of lack of industries and infrastructure for other commercial activities. In this area rain water is very scarce, with no certainty of monsoon. Underground water level is about 400-450 feet deep. Because of very low paying capacity of most peoples, students are getting free education in Siddharth Children Academy.

India (Bharat) used to be called “Sone Ki Chirya” (Golden Bird) during Buddhist era. There was peace & harmony in Bharat and Bharatvasi flourished heaps of bound during this period. At the time of Samrat Ashok, Boundaries of Bharat were spreading from Burma (Myamar) to Iran and Kashmir to Kanyakumari  in South. He reind India(Bharat) for 42 years and thereafter his successors ruled Akhand Bharat for next 60 years following Buddhist Philosophy without sedding

A drop of blood.

The object of “Abhiprerna Trust” is to take the nation to that height to which Baba Saheb Ambedkar, (“Maitreya Buddh”) had dreamed. To propagate & fulfill his dreams is the aim of “Abhiprerna Trust”. About Rs 2 Crores have been spent in this project of Jetvan Buddh Vihar and Siddharth Children Academy at Behat Distt Saharanpur 247001 India. Followers of Baba Saheb and Buddha are requested to Co operate in whatever manner they want, to fulfill the dreams of Baba Saheb Ambedkar (Maitreya Buddh ).  Those who want to actively participate are also welcome.

Our Bank Account No. is Nainital Bank Saharanpur (UP) India 0602000000002008 IFSC No NTBL0SAH060 In the name of ABHIPRERNA. Bank of India Saharanpur (UP) India 781010110002367, IFSC No. BKID0007810 in the name of Abhiprerna Trust.

                               Bhavtu sub Manglam.

Name: AbhiPrerna Trust

Bank; Name:Bank Of India, Saharanpur 247001 (UP) INDIA

A/c No: 781010110002367, S.B Account

IFSC Code: BKID0007810

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