Jetvan Anathpindak Buddh Vihar

Jetvan Anath Pindak Buddh Vihar is being established at Siddharth Nagar, Nagal Mafi, Tehsil Behat Distt Saharanpur, UP India 247001.

The vision developed in the mind of Veer Singh Kundliwal an ardent Buddhist and follower of “Maitreya Buddh Bhim”, well known as Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar, a social visionary and scholar having deep knowledge of history, politics, economics,  religion and society framework in India.

Veer Singh Kundliwal had adopted Buddhism when he was just 15 year of age studding in a school called Ram Charitra Manas Vidya Peeth founded by the society of Brahmins from Varanasi at Parel Mumbai then Bombay. Nearby to school a small Buddh Vihar was also there. Veer Singh in his childhood used to go to that Buddh Vihar during recess (Lunch Break). He came to know about Buddhism from that Buddh Vihar.

During the course of learning Buddhism, he came in touch of writings of Dr. B.R Ambedkar and he becomes ardent follower of Buddhism and “Maitreya Buddh Bheem”.

In 1962 due to betrayal of China, he joined army to serve the Nation. During army service he was awarded two army Models and one “Exemplary Character Certificate”.  He got injured during a fight with Rebel Nagas in a Army combat.

After army service, he came to Saharanpur in 1973 and started spreading the mission of Baba Sahab Ambedkar and Buddhism. A road from Ghanta Ghar to Collect-orate was named “Baba Saheb Ambedkar Marg” due to his efforts. A Buddh Vihar by name as Shanti Buddh Vihar was established at Janak Nagar, Bajoria Marg Saharanpur (UP) India 247001. Thereafter Bamiyan Buddh Vihar, at Ambedkar Puram, Delhi Road, Sibbi Buddh Vihar and Pragati Buddh Vihar at Jatav Nagar and Priyadarshi Ashok Buddh Vihar at “Sankla Puri (Ambedkar Puri)” at Behat Road near Village Devala were also established due to his efforts and motivation.

In 2005, Veer Singh Kundliwal visited Behat kasba and tahsil of Saharanpur. Bahat is a name developed from Bouddh Haat. During the era of Buddhism it was a famous place for business and trading. This place was center point for trading to China, Afganistan, Iraq and Iran, especially during the regime of Samrat Ashoka. Nearby to Bahat a number of Buddhist remains are there such as Buddh Stupas , Vihars and Bouddh Stambh etc in Yamuna Nagar.

In a nearby place Kalsi (In Dehradun) Scriptures of Samrat Ashok are still there. Whole of Uttarakhand was enshrined by Bouddh Maths and monks during Bouddh era.

On 14th of April 2008 excavation for Buddh Vihar started in the presence of thousand of local people,at Siddharth Nagar Behat.  Smt. Sheela   Devi has created a fund by the name of “Abhiprerna Trust” for establishing Jetvan Anathpindak Buddh Vihar at Behat. For Management of Buddh Vihar a society under society Act 1861 is formed in the name of Abhiprerna Sewa Samiti. The work at ground floor has been completed and the work at first floor and above is still going on.

Besides Anathpindak Buddh Vihar,  a Vipasyana Kendra is also being constructed nearby where people from any cast, Creed or religion will be taught Vipasyana Yog Sidhi free of cost.

On left side of Buddh Vihar (Temple) a school up to 8th standard has also been opened in the name of “Siddharth Children Academy” Where Children from weaker section are taught free of cost.

Anathpindak Buddh Vihar (Temple) Vispasyana kindra and an educational  institute (School) completes the ideology of Buddh Dharma. The work on all the above here objects is going on.

Come and join the team of enthusiasts of Buddhism, and Ambedkerism.  A number of people have donated whole heartedly in this project. The list of Donors is given below-

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